BERIKIDS is a Non-Governmental Organization of persons, who work behind the ideology of Madame NDZE Relindis BERINYUY with the strategy and initiatives to treat and rehabilitate mentally disabled persons and also train orphans, single mothers and vulnerable children (OVCs) including underprivileged children through the provision of appropriate facilities for their proper growth and development.

The philosophy that brought the BERIKIDS Non-Governmental Organization to life, stems from the personal experiences lived by the founder of the group madam Ndze Relindis Berinyuy, who was a victim of matrimonial injustice and maltreatments of a polygamous marriage. 

With free and open membership of the group by those who share in her ideology, in 2004 BERIKIDS embarked on the training of orphans and vulnerable children on various vocational skills that can make them self-reliant upon leaving the centre by the able support in kind and cash as well as services through a sound structure of its members.

Presently, the centre runs a tailoring workshop, a computer training centre, a carpentry workshop, an agricultural complex and a psychiatric centre with a psychiatrist who takes care of youths affected by drugs abuse (marijuana, alcohol, etc), and other ones with various mental disorders.